T.I. Net worth



T.I. Net worth

T.I. net worth is $50 million. T.I. is a rapper, actor, songs producer, hip-hop artist as well as songwriter. From pool of singers and rappers that are striving for fame and T.I. is the one that has identified himself as highest earning Forbes hip-hop artist 3 times. In 2001 he started his career by developing his band naming pimp squad click. Later on in 2003 he began his very own recording studio. Close to his very own job he has actually likewise introduced various child rap artists and advertised them in different events and also their albums also. His most renowned album is “no mercy” which is known all over the world and also is ranked in category of platinum. In addition to music he is also an actor and worked in different films like the Ant-Man American gangster, and get hard. Afterward in 2007 he initiated his personal film productions.

T.I. Biography

  • Complete Name: Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.
  • DOB: September 25, 1980.
  • Born in: Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
  • Height: 5ft 8in.
  • Weight: 65kg.
  • Marital status: Married to Tameka Cottle from 2010.
  • Kids: None.
  • Education and learning: Douglass Secondary school.
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American.
  • Profession: Producer, Actor, rap artist, Hip-Hop artist, entrepreneur, music writer.
  • Earning Resource: Music, Movies plus business.

T.I. came into existence on 25th of September, 1980 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is a renowned rapper, hip-hop musician, songwriter, music producer and business owner. His real name is Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. but he is called with different names like T.I., Tip Harris and Tip. He began his career of music in 2001 and also provided many famous albums; he is in addition popular for presenting and advertising young talent in his albums. In 2010 he got wed with Tameka Cottle as well as their marital relationship life is working out similar to his career. He has actually also worked in various movies and also later opened his own movies production business. Major sources of T.I. net worth are movies, music and his business.

T.I. net worth Timeline.

Just how much T.I. have gained from movies, music and also other sources in the previous years is a concern in a lot of his followers mind. For this we have actually collected data of his annual profits for previous couple of years, look at them for the clearer photo of his total assets.

  • I. net worth in 2009 total amounts $5 million.
  • I. incomes in 2010 total amounts $7 million.
  • I. profits in 2011 overalls $10 million.
  • I. net worth in 2012 totals $15 million.
  • I. earnings in 2013 overalls $25 million.
  • I. earnings in 2014 total amounts $35 million.
  • I. revenues in 2015 total $44 million.
  • I. profits in 2016 overalls $50 million.

A constant increase in T.I. total assets could be seen in the above information that is because of his movies, albums sales as well as various programs appearances. His different albums have actually been rated in category of platinum and also golf. Additionally he has been rated as highest grossing hip-hop artist 3 times in Forbes.

Comparison of T.I. total assets.

T.I. Net worth

T.I. is claimed to be the highest grossing hip-hop artist to name a few in the songs industry however just how we understand that he is or otherwise up until we do not contrast his net worth with others. For this we have contrasted T.I. total assets with other artist in market. Take a look at the data given below.

  • I. web net worth as compared to Jay Z net worth is 11 times smaller sized.
  • I. worth as compared to Kayne West net worth is 2 times smaller.
  • I. worth compared with Drake total assets are about the half.
  • I. total assets compared with Rakim total assets is 50 times better.
  • I. worth as compared to The Game net worth has to do with half greater.
  • I. total assets compared with Wiz Khalifa total assets has to do with the exact same.
  • I. total assets compared with Nicki Minaj total assets is 1.4 times smaller sized.
  • I. net worth as compared to Nas internet worth is 3 times greater.
  • I. total assets compared to DMX total assets is 5 times greater.
  • I. total assets as compared to ordinary American internet well worth are 167 times better.

T.I. net worth is greater with a larger margin from Nas, Rakim, The Game as well as DMX. In addition his total assets is smaller sized from 11 times with Jay Z, 2 times with Kayne west and also 1.4 times with Nicki Minaj. His properties as compared to Wiz Khalifa are practically the same however comparing an average American with T.I. is injustice because they are 167 times smaller compared to his total properties.


T.I. is a rap artist, song writer, vocalist, producer, hip-hop artist, actor and entrepreneur of America. He began his profession in 2001 and also offered lots of hit albums that attained the title of platinum and he is additionally named as highest grossing hip-hop artist 3 times in Forbes. Presently T.I. net worth is $50 million.