Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth


Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

Sarah Jessica Parker net worth is $100 million. She is a songwriter, professional singer, model, producer and also actress. She started her job as a kid actress in 1974. Then she acted in various serials as well as advertisements but she is famous for her part in the TELEVISION series “Sex and the city” as well as later she transformed this series right into the movies as well as launched them. The first component of the film Sex & the city was launched in 2008 and also 2 years later in 2010 the 2nd component of the film Sex & the city was launched. In the motion picture she was casted in addition to various other celebrities like Cynthia Nixon, Kristian Davis and Kim Cattrall. She has actually won 2 Emmy Award, 2 screen actor’s guild award and 4 Golden Globe for her acting. Significant resources of Sarah Jessica Parker total assets are songs and movies.

Biography of Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica parker came in this world on March 25, 1965 in Nelsonville, Ohio, USA. She was born to household of Stephen Parker who was wedded with Babra Parker. She was raised up by both parents with extreme care. Her father was a reporter and moreover businessman while her mom was a teacher. She had interest of acting from her kid age as well as functioned as kid starlet in various TV serials and also ads. She is well heighted as well as well balanced heavy, her elevation is 5′ 3″ and also weight is 45 kg. She is excellent looking lovely as well as well kept that’s the reason behind her success but her acting skills resemble crowning achievement. She got her early education from Dwight Morrow Senior high school and also later transferred to Hollywood high school for her field skill.

  • Name: Sarah Jessica parker
  • Nick Name: Jessy, Sarah
  • DOB: March 25, 1965
  • Born at: Nelsonville, Ohio, USA
  • Height: 5ft 3in
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Marital Standing: Wedded with Mathew Broderick in 1997
  • Kids: 3 (Marion, Tabitha Hodge and James).
  • Education: Dwight Morrow as well as Hollywood high school.
  • Race: American.
  • Ethnicity: Jewish-Russian, German-English Mix.
  • Occupation: Singer, Star, Business owner, Songwriter.
  • Earning Resource: Movies, Business and also TV.

She has actually worked in different TELEVISION serials and movies however she is renowned with the name of lady of Sex & the city. She earned a lot from the period of Sex and the city as well as movies as well. Besides her professional life her personal life continued to be tranquil and fairly successful. There are no reports on media about any fight and also misconceptions in between her and husband. She obtained married with Mathew Broderick in 1997 as well as both have 3 kids whose names are Marion Loretta, Tabitha Hodge plus James Wilkie. Major resources of Sarah Jessica Parker net worth are revenues in form of wages from films and also songs, business and also modeling.

Timeline of Sarah Jessica Parker total assets.

Sarah Jessica parker net worth majority of part is made up of earnings from the sex & the city in TV season and films but she has made a whole lot from endorsements and also business. Just how much she has earned in yearly? This is an inquiry that clicks everybody’s mind after understanding about Sarah Jessica Parker. That’s why we have accumulated data of her profits from her occupation begin information which are provided below.

  • In 1998 Sarah Jessica Parker net worth was $4 million.
  • Afterwards she was working with new sex and the city films which elevated her total assets genuine high as well as she leapt to $38 million in 2004.
  • 2006 brought good luck to her accounts as well as elevated her accounts to total of $46 million.
  • In 2009 her total assets jumped to $57 million.
  • In 2011 her assets were re-valued and the accounts revealed that the actual worth is $68 million.
  • In 2012 she added $15 million to Sarah Jessica Parker net worth amounting to $83 million.
  • She gained $46000 in year 2013 and $50,000 in 2014 which brought Sarah Jessica Parker net worth near to $85 million.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker total assets currently in 2016 are $100 million.

A consistent surge in earnings of Sarah Jessica Parker can be seen from the above data however the huge dives can be seen in the years in which sex and the city season and films launched.

Comparison of Sarah Jessica Parker web worth.

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth

For more clear identification of Sarah Jessica Parker total assets we have compared it with the other renowned starlets in the Hollywood. The results of the contrast are given as adheres to.

  • Angelina Julie net worth is virtually 2.4 times better compared to Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker total assets are double compared with Natalia Portman possessions.
  • Jessica Alba net worth is twice than Sarah Jessica Parker net worth.
  • Charlize Theron properties are virtually equivalent to the Sarah Jessica Parker net worth.
  • Scarlett Johnson Parker net worth is 1.2 times littler compared to Sarah Jessica Parker possessions.
  • Mila Kunis assets are 3.3 times smaller than Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Sandra Bullock possessions are dual compared to possessions of Sarah Jessica Parker.
  • Emma Watson total assets are 1.4 times smaller sized compared to Sarah Jessica Parker wealth.


Sarah Jessica Parker net worth is equal to $100 million. She is a well-known American Hollywood actress who is well known for her acting duties in of Sex & the city series on the TV. She later on converted it right into movie in 2 parts. Component was launched in 2008 and also the Second in 2010. She has actually obtained many awards often times like, Emmy, gold globe and also acting guild honors. Major sources of her wide range belong to wages from flicks and business offers.