Mike Jones Net Worth:How Rich Is Mike Jones In 2017?


Mike Jones Net Worth

Mike Jones net worth is $6 million. He is famous American singer, song writer and also rapper. He started his occupation in early 2000s as well as he is popular for his different styles of raps amongst Americans. Before entering the music industry his net worth was absolutely zero and also he was doing multiple odd jobs to cover his costs as well as day to day procedures. He worked in storehouses as well as compact international as a loader and also he was associated with offering smart phones from his home as well as later he turned himself into dope dealer and also drugs seller. He was offering marijuana to support his family members monetarily and to earn support. Due to all this his family and also he directly was not satisfied and also his mother gave him the idea to attempt the rap as well as sing category. He is glad to his mother that pushed him towards the course where he has actually made $6 million in net.

Bio of Mike Jones

Mike Jones was born on January 6, 1981 in Houston, Texas, United States of America to a poor family. His family remained in serious economic situation before his access right into the songs sector. He got his early education from the equivalent college and began functioning to support his household in the little age. He showed up into a giant guy with height of 6et 5in and weight of 140kgs when grown up. He wanted signing up with basketball team however his objective obtained disappeared as a result of economic as well as different other factors. After that he started his job in songs in 2000 as well as authorized a handle a firm called Swishahouse as well as later on he started his own production home. He started singing his solo and also recorded it in his very own production house which was known as Ice-age.

  • Full Name: Michael Jones.
  • Nickname: Mike, Jones, Mike Jones.
  • DOB: January 6, 1981.
  • Birthed at: Houston, Texas, United States of America.
  • Height: 6ft 5in
  • Weight: 140 kg.
  • MArital Condition: Unknown.
  • Kids: Unidentified.
  • Education and learning: Corresponding education.
  • Race: American.
  • Ethnic culture: African-American.
  • Occupation: Singer, Rap artist, songwriter.
  • Earning Resource: Songs.

Mike Jones music profession remains in front of us we understand all his ups as well as downs in it however on the other hand his individual life is unknown or his dating life is still a secret. We have assessed that he is excellent at keeping secrets as well as there are no reports about his events and also marriage on media like other celebrities. Anyways his revenues are fairly excellent as well as he obtained great deal of fame from songs career is the main resource of Mike Jones total assets of $6 million.

Timeline of Mike Jones total assets

Mike Jones net worth is $6 million which is not made at the same time. He has actually made from different music albums, endorsements and advertisements. Before going over that which source has actually offered him the most amount of loan it’ necessary to review his year smart earning that how much he has made in overall for each year. Just what are the significant resources and also exactly what is the pattern in Mike Jones total assets? Consider the information of his annual incomes timeline provided listed below for answers of these inquiries.

  • Mike Jones take-home pay in year 2012 was $2 million.
  • In 2013 his earnings jumped $1 million as well as his total assets stood at $3 million.
  • In 2014 his total assets enhanced with slow-moving speed and rouse just $0.5 million totaling $3.5 million.
  • 2015 was a fortunate year for Mike Jones as his net worth increased $1.5 million and also totals $5 million.
  • Current total assets of Mike Jones in 2016 are $6 million.

A consistent increase in Mike Jones total assets can be seen but the ups as well as downs remained with him and his making pace decreased in 2016 as well as he is still going on with a slow pace.

Earning resources of Mike Jones

Mike Jones making resources are not stay with songs just, he has obtained earnings from endorsements, advertisements as well as other looks but no question songs played a major function in boosting his profits. Details of Mike Jones earnings are revealed listed below.

  • “Country Thuggin” brought $0.5 million to his accounts.
  • $ 0.37 million were added in addition from the sales of “American dream”.
  • “Where is Mike Jones” added $0.34 million to his net worth.
  • $ 0.3 million were added from sales of “The voice”.
  • “That is Mike Jones” was his bestselling cd which added $1.7 million to his net worth.

Contrast of Mike Jones net worth

Mike Jones Net Worth

Mike Jones began with zero and earned $6 million in 6 years with an average of million a year. There are very few in the history of American music that has actually attained success and also wealth with such a pace in really short time period. We have actually compared him with well-known American rap artists as well as outcomes of the contrast exist in the reduced area.

  • Damian Marley net worth is 3 times greater than Mike Jones.
  • The Game net worth is 4 times higher than Mike Jones.
  • T-Pain net worth is 5 times higher than Mike Jones.
  • Rick Ross total assets are 7 times higher than Mike Jones.
  • I total assets are 9 times more than Mike Jones.
  • Nicki Minaj total assets are 10 times greater than Mike Jones total assets.

Mike Jones total assets are really lower as compared to other famous rap artists yet we are discussing rate of his incomes and also size of his profession. His occupation is extremely short and in this brief profession he has achieved $6 million figure which is tolerable in all.


Mike Jones net worth is $6 million. He is popular for his various styles of rap in his music albums. His indication as well as tagline for his fans is his tee shirts on which “That! Mike Jones” is published. Significant sources of his total assets are music, recommendation as well as looks in various ads.