Kevin Hart Net Worth


Kevin Hart net worth

Kevin Hart total assets are $110 million. Kevin Darnell Hart was born on July 6, 1979 in Philly, Pennsylvania, United States. He was raised by mom Nancy Hart Due to the fact that of issues with drugs, on the other hand his father Henry Witherspoon and Brother Robert was missing from his life. Hart frequently utilized apology to adjust to his harried teenage years and also determined ways to transform lemons right into lemonade. Following carrying on from high school, Hart transferred to New York City to head to Jr. college and afterward moved once again, this opportunity to Massachusetts, to wind up a footwear businessperson.

Light on Kevin Hart.

  • Earning Resource: Movie, Comedy, Music, Television
  • Birth place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Marital Status: He married two times (Torrei Hart 2003-2011, Eniko Church 2016-present).
  • Race: American.
  • DOB: July 6, 1979.
  • Kids: 2.
  • Education: Community college of Philly.
  • Profession: artist, comic, actor.
  • Ethnic background: African-American.

Kevin was hitched to his ex lover, Torrei Hart, which he separated in 2011. They have 2 kids with each other: a little lady, Heaven, and a child, Hendrix. His splitting up was viewed as very shoddy, simply having actually paid $15,000 to Torrei in a single amount and also $20,000 a month in tyke bolster. Hart is currently gotten in touch with to present Eniko Parrish, to which he suggested in 2014, as well as the suit is set to be hitched this August, making Parrish the impending Kevin Hart spouse.

Start of Comic Career

The previous shoe salesperson made his prosperity as a phenomenal entertainer however would also transform into a carrying out artist in a couple of comic drama films. His most break-out part was in Anthony Anderson, Scary Film 3, Queen Latifah and Anna Farris. He later on repeated this part in Scary Movie  4 and also began featuring in different comedies, for example, Think like a Man, The Wedding Ringer, Central Intelligence and Think like a man. All these personalities played a vital role in making Kevin Hart net worth of $110 million.

Timeline of Kevin Hart net worth

Let’s see what does it cost? Earnings Kevin has earned in annually of his job and also how much assets he has made. For clear understanding of Kevin Hart total assets we have actually collected information of his complete assets year smart offered below.

  • Kevin Hart complete possessions in 2001 were$ 30,000.
  • Kevin Hart complete properties in 2002 were$ 78,000.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions in 2003 were$ 133,000.
  • Kevin Hart overall properties in 2004 were$ 440,000.
  • Kevin Hart overall properties in 2005 were$ 575,000.
  • Kevin Hart complete possessions in 2006 were$ 737,000.
  • Kevin Hart complete possessions in 2007 were$ 970,000.
  • Kevin Hart complete assets in 2008 were $1.5 million.
  • Kevin Hart total properties in 2009 were$ 4.5 million.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions in 2010 were$ 10 million.
  • Kevin Hart complete possessions in 2011 were$ 19 million.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions in 2012 were$ 30 million.
  • Kevin Hart overall properties in 2013 were$ 50 million.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions in 2014 were$ 60 million.
  • Kevin Hart overall assets in 2015 were $80 million.
  • Kevin Hart complete assets in 2016 are $110 million.

A clear surge in Kevin Hart total assets can be seen in the figures offered above during the years of 2012 to 2016. When he was specified viewing as VVIP in Hollywood, this was the era. He has actually done lot of comic hits and TELEVISION programs. He has made profits from organization offers as well as endrosements. In the later section we will certainly define that from which resources he has obtained earnings thoroughly.

Resources of Kevin Hart total assets

Kevin Hart net worth

In this area we will review in detail regarding the resources where Kevin has actually earned his incomes. Take a look at the figures offered listed below for more clear understanding.

  • Kevin Harts obtained amount from performing amounts to $10 million.
  • Kevin Harts obtained amount from Live Appearances amounts to $58 million.
  • Kevin Harts got quantity from Appearances alone totals $20million.
  • Kevin Harts obtained quantity from making films totals $40 million.
  • Kevin Harts got amount from Recommendations amounts to $120 million.
  • Kevin Harts got amount as Complete Earnings $248 million.
  • Kevin Harts received quantity from ordinary Income totals $26 million.
  • Kevin Harts got amount as income of 2016 overalls $32million.
  • Kevin Harts paid amount as Earnings tax with an average percent of 48 which amounts to $120 million.
  • Kevin Harts paid quantity in type of expenditures amounts to $12 million.
  • Kevin Hart deducted quantity for financial investment purpose totals $6million.
  • Kevin Hart total assets in real overalls $110 million.

You can see that Kevin hart earnings many part has come from endorsements he produced different brand names. On 2nd in his gaining list is revenue from his production line and finally he receives a significant amount of $32 million in income.

Comparison of Kevin Hart total assets

Earlier we have actually approximated Kevin Hart incomes from various sources as well as his net worth plan to understand what does it cost? He have earned in different years. Now it’s required to compare his riches with various other celebs of Hollywood in order to get clear understanding that where he stands in the star’s net worth table.

  • Kevin Hart internet worth totals $110 million.
  • Kevin Hart complete possessions compared with Eddie Murphy properties are 6% lower.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions compared with Louis CK assets are 6 times greater.
  • Kevin Hart overall properties compared to Jim Gaffigan properties are15 times greater.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions as compared to Dave Chapelle assets are 10times higher.
  • Kevin Hart total assets as compared to Conan O’Brien assets are virtually exact same.
  • Kevin Hart total properties compared to David Letterman assets are 1 by 4 times.
  • Kevin Hart complete assets as compared to LeBron James possessions are 1/third as large.
  • Kevin Hart total possessions compared with Barack Obama properties are 25 times higher.
  • Kevin Hart overall assets compared to typical American assets are 1,160 times higher.

This reveals the genuine net worth standings of Kevin Hart. He is above 1160 times compared to a commoner in America and also 25 times from Barack Obama as well. His possessions are reduced from Eddie Murphy with an average of 6-7 %.


Kevin hart total assets $110 million. Many part of his net worth comes from endorsements he created various brand names and also his own production of shows, movies and serials. He receives a huge amount as salary for his job done.