Jon Bon Jovi Net Worth:How Rich Is Jon Bon Jovi In 2017?


Jon Bon Jovi Net Worth

Jon Bon Jovi net worth is $300 million. Bon Jovi is an admired American artist, song author, singer, musician, actor and also music producer. Jon was of 16 years and also his friends were just 13 years when they made their 1st band. After that Jovi performed in clubs and also later he made a new band with name of Bon Jovi. He is the member of a band as well as he got recognition in public from it, if we state that this band was a way to show Jon his capabilities as well as obtain highly praised from general public in that case it will not be mistaken. This band was made in 1983 and it launched 11 albums which totaled amount of over $150 million. Apart from band Bon Jovi has in fact released solo albums plus 2 solo albums provided predictable $130 million.

Bio of Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi was birthed in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States on 2nd of March, 1962. His actual name is John Francis Bongiovi Jr. Jovi was raised in very same location and he obtained his education from Sayreville War Memorial High School. Jovi was popular in his youthful age for his immense looks and in addition figure. His height is 5ft 10in as well as his weight is 70kg that offer his body a perfect look. He is German, Russian and also Italian mix as his predecessors belongs to such locations. He chose music as career and initiated in 1983. He has launched numerous continuous blockbuster albums which directed Bon Jovi assets to $300 million.

  • Total Name: John Francis Bongiovi Jr.
  • Nic name: Jon Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi, John.
  • DOB: March 2, 1962.
  • Born at: Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States
  • Height: 5ft10in.
  • Weight: 70 kg.
  • Marital Condition: Wedded to Dorothea Hurley from 1989.
  • Children: 4 (Jesse, Stephanie, Romeo, Jacob).
  • Education and learning: Sayreville War Memorial high school.
  • Citizenship: American.
  • Ethnic culture: German, Russian as well as Italian mix.
  • Line of work: Songwriter, Singer, songs producer and actor.
  • Earning Source: Songs and also movies.

Jon’s life of music remains extremely successful and also he healed acknowledgment from public across the globe. $300 million is an evidence of his flourishing music occupation. In addition to his music profession his individual life forever stayed stable and also peaceful. He got wed to Dorothea Hurley in year 1989 and they are living a happy life together and have 4 kids naming Jesse, Stephanie, Romeo and Jacob.

Timeline of total assets of Jon Bon Jovi

Jon is an extremely flourishing musician who has admirers across the planet. His every new album has in fact attained record sales which are the cause behind Bon Jovi’s $300 million total assets. We comprehend he contains $300 million though what does it charge? He has gathered in each year that is an interest point currently. Info of his year rational revenue is given below.

  • In 1984 after 1 year of start of his career $1.7 million was his worth.
  • In 1986 twenty-five million of music albums copies were marketed which leapt the net worth of Jovi $20 million.
  • Bon Jovi net worth in 1987 was $28 million.
  • In 1996 his net worth was $51 million.
  • On upcoming century in 2000 his worth was $80 million.
  • His total assets in 2005 were approximated at $170 million.
  • In 2012 his net worth was $227 million.
  • His current assets in year 2016 were $300 million.

Comparison of Jon Bon Jovi net worth

Jon Bon Jovi worth is $300 million which is somewhat outstanding and it appears that he is just among the richest planet singer. For explanation of this specific point we have contrasted his assets with further well-known singers of globe as well as results of contrast are given in lower section.

  • Michael Jackson worth is 2.5 times senior than Jon Bon Jovi.
  • Madonna total assets 1.8 times higher as compared to Jon Bon Jovi complete possessions.
  • Taylor Swift total assets are 1.2 times lesser than Bon Jovi total assets.
  • Lady Gaga worth is 1.1 times lesser than Bon Jovi assets.
  • Jennifer Lopez worth is almost equal to Bon Jovi total assets.
  • Miley Cyrus assets are 44% lesser sized as compared to Bon Jovi.
  • Eminem worth is 1.6 times lesser as compared to Jon Bon Jovi.


Bon Jovi total assets are $300 million. Jon began his job at 16 years of age yet he launched his 1st professional music in 1983. He created a band with his friends as well as titled it Bon Jovi. The band launched 11 albums that provided record sales and hits. His most recent album sold copies of 25 million in count. All these resources made his total assets that much tall.