Ice Cube Net Worth


Ice Cube Net Worth

Ice Cube total assets are $150 million. He is an American vocalist, rapper, performing artist, lyricist as well as songs producer. He is taken into consideration as one of the ideal rap artist in U.S.A. in young people. In 1984 he began his songs vocation and he signed up with many groups to regard his abilities by the basic peole. He collaborated with all the best stars in his start like, Jay Z, Dr. Dre and also others. He, in the future, became a private from N.W.A. in the late 80s, with its music highlighting indisputable words that devalued girls and also celebrated misdeed and drugs. Although that the gathering was thus outlawed from radio, it was incredibly compelling, advertising even more than million records in USA alone. In 1989 he left that band and began dealing with his solo Album, the initial solo Album of Ice Cube was launched in 1991 and also it was valued by people around the globe.

Ice Cube Biography

Ice Cube was born in South LA, Golden State, USA on 15th of June, 1969. His real name is O’Shea Jackson yet he is called ice cube in the entire world. His father was a store custodian in hospital and as a groundkeeper in a company named UCLA. Ice Cube got his early education from the society school of the same location where he was born but later on he moved to Phoenix Institute of technology for his studies. The place where he was born was well known for criminal offenses and he also dealt with a whole lot of issues in the very same culture. As a result of this he started a campaign in the society to eradicate the drugs usage and began understanding projects for individuals as well as highlighted the after impacts of the medications usage.


  • Total Name: O’Shea Jackson.
  • Nick name: Ice Cube.
  • DOB: June 15, 1969.
  • Birth location: South LA, Golden State, USA
  • Height: 5ft and 8in.
  • Weight: 85 kg.
  • Marital status: Wedded to Kimberley Woodruff since 1992.
  • Kids: 4 (Darryl, O’Shea Jr, Sharif and Kareema).
  • Education: Phoenix Institute of technology.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Ethnic background: American-African
  • Occupation: songwriter, Vocalist, Rapper, Songs producer, Actor.
  • Earning Source: Movies and songs.

Aside from his songs life his individual life is successful and also he got married with Kimberley Woodruff in 1992 as well as both are living happily. In an interview Ice Cube stated that they both love and also look after each other and both have sustained each various other in every moment. He added a lot more that love and sex life never faded with her and also both would never ever fail to remember the early morning breakfast with charming sex.

Resources of Ice Cube total assets.

Major earning resources of Ice Cube are from music and also films. Let’s discuss about both of the key information. As far as songs are concerned he has actually made a lot of money from his album sales. Few of information regarding his Albums are below.

  • Death certificate.
  • America most wanted.
  • War and peace Vol. I and II.
  • I am at west.
  • The predator.
  • Raw footage.

All these music Albums provided him nearly $60-$70 million from his Album sales, YouTube and also various other channels viewership. He started working as an actor in movies in 1991 as well as his profits from movies as well as plays is additionally estimated at $30-$40 million and the details of movies are given below.

  • Boyz and the hood
  • The glass shield
  • Higher learning
  • Dangerous ground
  • Three kings
  • Next Friday
  • Friday after next
  • Ghosts of mars
  • Lottery Ticket
  • Ride along
  • First fight
  • Torque
  • xXx:Union of the sate

These are the few of the movies of Ice cube which are most prominent as well as hits. Ice Cube total assets were increased from all these movies in excellent quantity. Typically all the motion pictures he worked offered him virtually $30-$40 million. Various other sources of his revenue are endorsements and the music production. He receives great amount in endorsements in addition from his production house which is also a source of boost in Ice Cube net worth.

Comparison of Ice total assets

Ice Cube Net Worth

Ice Cube is among the successful rappers in the globe and his revenues are not less than the other renowned rappers. Claiming this is not sufficient we need an actual contrast of his worth with other rap artists to get clear knowledge about his worth standing in Hollywood. For this we have taken data of well-known rap artists and also compared it with Ice Cube total assets the details of the outcomes of the contrast are given below.

  • Lil Wayne total assets are virtually the same with the total assets of Ice Cube.
  • Kanye West total assets are likewise equivalent to the total assets of Ice Cube.
  • Drake net worth is 1.4 times smaller sized than Ice Cube.
  • Sean Combs net worth is almost 5 times better than Ice Cube complete assets.
  • I total assets have to do with the fifty percent of the total possessions of the Ice Cube.
  • Nicki Minaj total assets are also half concerning the internet worth of Ice Cube.
  • Rakim total assets are 150 times smaller than Ice Cube worth.
  • Big Sean internet worth is practically 12 times smaller compared to Ice Cube.


Ice Cube total assets are $150 million which is rather greater and excellent as compared to various other rappers in the Hollywood. He is thought about as one of one of the most effective rap artist in U.S.A. Major sources of his worth are music as well as films. In accordance with the research study on Ice Cube his worth is approximated about be enhanced and hitched much more in the near coming future.