Harvey Levin Net Worth:How Rich Is Harvey Levin In 2017?


Harvey Levin net worth is $15 million. He is a well-known television personality who hosts lots of shows on various networks and also is additionally a legal representative. Famous program of Harvey is “The People’s Court” where he hears the problems of a common person and solves their issues. He is also preferred for his site TMZ.com which is a website on which people confess and also publish gossips. Harvey has been nominated for Emmy award several times but regrettably he never ever obtained successful in attaining one. Despite of that he is quite excellent he has attained reduced fame as well as lower cash as compared to other TELEVISION characters like Bill 0′ Reilly and also Rush Limbaugh. Television is a significant income for Harvey Levin and he has also gained good-looking wealth from his attorney occupation.

Biography of Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin was born upon September 2, 1950 in L.A, California, USA. He is pure American ethnic and his dad was a successful attorney and also his mother was a teacher. On his birth his parents offered him a name Harvey Robert Levin yet he is more popular with the names of Harvey and also Harvey Levin. He started education from the Santa Barbara community school and also later he relocated to University of Chicago to find out law after getting the law degree he discovered journalism degree from University of California. Afterwards he started his profession as an attorney continued to be very successful as well as after at some time he began working on a TV program then in the long run he launched his own show in which he worked as a court and the name of the show is “The People‚Äôs Court”. Major Sources of his profits comes from these two sources and also he has actually managed his revenue well in type of different investments.

  • Original Name: Harvey Robert Levin.
  • Nickname: Harvey and also Harvey Levin.
  • DOB: September 2, 1950.
  • Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Height: 5ft 10in
  • Weight: 82 kg.
  • Marital Standing: Unidentified.
  • Kids: Unidentified.
  • Education and learning: Santa Barbara community school, University of Chicago, University of California
  • Citizenship: American.
  • Ethnicity: American.
  • Occupation: TV producer, Legal advisor and Lawyer.
  • Wealth Source: TV and Law.

Harvey Levin is rather effective in his professional life; he has made a good popularity and wide range from his attorney and also TV occupation both. There is much understood concerning his individual life in media. We have not listened to ever before concerning his wife, marriage, family and kids. May be he is maintaining them in addition to his specialist profession or 2nd choice is that he is single yet as well as have no kids.

Making Sources of Harvey Levin net worth

Harvey Levin is a specialist lawyer and TV producer and host so his net worth is consisted of his profits from these 2 sources. Aside from that there is likewise a proportionate of endorsements in his total assets yet that is in little amount. Information concerning every one of his gaining sources is provided below.

  • Harvey Levin started his job as a legal representative in 1975 and also he continued to be quite successful in this profession and also has actually made a lot of money. He continued to be in this profession till 1996.
  • In 1996 Harvey Levin started working on a TV show as a host after obtaining the invitation call from the network.
  • Then when he got developed he began generating his very own shows in which most renowned of him is “The people’s court”.
  • In 2000s he started operating in an additional program whose name was “celebrity justice” which is also a resource of rise in his total assets.
  • In 2005 he released a site which is open for public where people upload admissions and comments.
  • All these sources combined made his net worth equal to $15 million.

Contrast of Harvey Levin net worth

Harvey Levin Net Worth

Harvey Levin total assets are $15 million which looks rather good when seen alone but when we see his net worth along with other TV show hosts and famous legal representatives compared to his net worth appears rather littler. Details of the outcomes of comparison of his total assets with various other program hosts are offered below.

  • Jimmy Kimmel net worth is 2.3 times larger compared with Harvey Levin.
  • Craig Ferguson net worth is double compared with Harvey Levin.
  • Conan O’Brien net worth is 5 times larger compared to Harvey Levin.
  • Jon Stewart net worth is 5.3 times greater compared with Harvey Levin.
  • Anderson Cooper total assets are 6.6 times greater as compared to Harvey Levin net worth.
  • Johnny Carson net worth is 20 times better compared to Harvey Levin.
  • David Letterman net worth is 26 times bigger as compared to Harvey Levin.


Harvey Levin total assets are $15 million and he is among the most successful attorney and also TELEVISION program host in U.S.A. He has attained elevations of success with his effort and also inspiration. His net worth is included income from his lawyer and also TV profession combined.