Dr. Dre Net Worth


Dr. Dre Net Worth

Dr. Dre net worth is $850 million. He is well-known American rapper, songwriter, businessman and also producer. His actual name is Andre Romelle Young yet is popular as Dr. Dre as a result of his stage performances. At times people of The U.S.A. take a look at him as a physician of their psychological relief. Dr. Dre started his career in early 1980s and also provided lot of hits in different categories like hip-hop, gangsta rap and g funk. He has generated albums for renowned rap artists like 50 cent, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 2pac and The Game. Forbes has actually detailed Dr. Dre as the second richest individuality of America in hip hop group because of his net worth of over $600 million in 2014.

Biography of Dr. Dre

  • DOB: February 18, 1965.
  • Birth Location: Compton, California, USA.
  • Marital Condition: He is married with Nicholas Young because 1996.
  • Kids: 1 daughter and 5 sons.
  • Race: American.
  • Ethnic background: African-American.
  • Education: Fremont High School, South Central LA.
  • Occupation: Rap artist, Record Producer, Songwriter.
  • Earning Source: Music and company.

Dr. Dre was born upon February 18, 1965 in Compton, California, USA. When he was interested in music and also aeronautics, he was young. Due to his bad grades in researches he was unable to get admission in Aviation College and apprenticeship inside Northrop Aviation Company. So he began his profession in music in early 1980s and also healed recognition. He stayed connected different girls in his young age and also lastly wed to Nicholas Youthful. He had 5 sons as well as 1 daughter from 5 different women. Most of his income comes from his songs albums, concerts, record manufacturing as well as transaction. Let’s take a look at Dr. Dre net worth resources gone over below.

Resources of Dr. Dre net worth

We have break down Dr. Dre total assets in different categories from where he has actually gained less or a lot more. Take a look at one of the highest earning sources of Dr. Dre in the details provided below.

  • Dre revenues from YouTube total $4 million.
  • Dre revenues from Music Manufacturing amount to $6 million.
  • Dre revenues from Film Profession total $10 million.
  • Dre profits from Music Sales complete $26 million.
  • Dre revenues from Recommendations complete $50 million.
  • Dre incomes from Shows/Tours complete $90.5 million.
  • Dre incomes from Investments complete $145 million.
  • Dre revenues from Beats by Dre Revenue complete $400million.
  • Dre incomes from Business Deals amount to $960 million.
  • Dre revenues add up overalls $1690 million.
  • Dre paid Taxes of quantity $850 million.
  • Dre Expenditures amounts to $28 million.
  • Dre earnings from Beats by Dre Preliminary Financial investment complete $20 million.
  • Dre Add as much as Costs completes $905 million.
  • Dre total assets in actual in $850 million.

Most part of Dr. Dre total assets comes from his transaction and also second of all from the recommendations of different brand names. His songs sales, concerts, excursions as well as record manufacturing are way far from his incomes in business deals. After thoroughly analyzing this data one can say he more probable a business person compared to a musician.

Timeline of Dr. Dre total assets

In this area Dr. Dre total assets gradually is discussed that how much income he has gained in various years. View the information below.

  • Dre total possessions in 1992 were $4.5 million.
  • Dre total possessions in 1995 were $11million.
  • Dre complete properties in 1998were$ 18 million.
  • Dre overall properties in 2001were$ 32 million.
  • Dre overall properties in 2004were$ 44 million.
  • Dre overall possessions in 2007were$ 57 million.
  • Dre total possessions in 2010were$ 172 million.
  • Dre complete properties in 2013were$ 353 million.
  • Dre total properties in 2016are $850 million.

When he got entered in company his worth blown up, it could be clearly seen in the figures that Dr. Dre worth from music were much less than $50 million yet. His total assets jumps to over $170 million due to his business line Defeats by Dr. Dre. Then a constant huge surge can be seen in his net worth over 6 years.

Comparison of Dr. Dre net worth

Dr. Dre Net Worth

For getting clearer picture that where Dr. Dre stands in Hollywood graph of net worth to name a few celebrities allows compare its net worth with others.

  • Dre total properties compared with Jay Z overall assets are1.6 times higher.
  • Dre total assets compared to BeyoncĂ© overall possessions are twice as large.
  • Dre complete properties compared to Kobe Bryant overall properties are2.6 times greater.
  • Dre complete assets compared with Taylor Swift complete assets are3 times greater.
  • Dre overall properties compared with Rihanna overall assets are 3 times higher.
  • Dre overall properties compared to Drake total assets are 9 times better.
  • Dre total assets contrasted to Kanye West complete possessions are 13 times higher.
  • Dre complete possessions compared to Barack Obama complete assets are250 times greater.
  • Dre total assets compared to Bernie Sanders complete assets are 1,570 times higher.
  • Dre total possessions compared to average American overall properties are12,200 times greater.

From the above details it is clearly understandable that Dr. Dre net worth depends on richest classification of the Hollywood celebrities. Its net worth is twice than Beyoncé, 9 times greater than drake and also 13 times than Kanye West. A typical American is much below than Dr. Dre with ordinary lower assets of 1200 times compared to Dr. Dre.


Dr. Dre total assets are $850 million in total amount. Significant resources of his profits are transaction as well as endorsements. He is very renowned for his songs productions as well as albums yet his incomes from songs are a lot reduced as compared to his business line. It looks he is even more of a business person compared to a rap artist as well as record producer.