Famous Rap Artist 50 Cent Net Worth


50 Cent net worth

50 Cent net worth is $17 million. He made complete net worth of $177 million however he lost majority of his net worth in losses of business deals. On the other hand he is not able to handle his losses and also these losses are cleaning his net worth out as well as he has actually currently continued to be simply $17 million in overall.

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50 Cent’s Biography

50 Cent was born on 6th of July, 1975, in New York City, New York, U.S.A. His original name is Curtis James Jackson III, however currently is a lot more well-known with his professional name “50 Cent”. 50 Cent’s initial crucial call with the New York hip-hop scene was a beginning by Jam Master Jay from the event Run-D.M.C. Jay was influenced by 50 Cent’s rapping capability as well as supplied a collection for him; in any type of instance, it was never ever released.

  • Name: Curtis James Jackson III
  • Nick-name: 50 cent
  • DOB: July 6, 1975
  • Birth Location: The Queens, New York, New York City, USA
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: 99kg
  • Marriage Condition: Unmarried
  • Kids: 2
  • Education and learning: Related education
  • Ethnic culture: American-African
  • Profession: Rap artist, Vocalist, songwriter
  • Wealth source: Music

50 Cent similarly made an incorrect start with the Columbia mark, taping a collection that was retired prior to its discharge. Their undertakings were seen by the hip-hop celebrities as well as Dr. Dre that progressed 50 Cent as an efficiency presentation as well as noted him with each other to their record names.

Earning re-sources of 50 cent

50 cent is first-class rap artist who is well-known for his work all around the globe. He has a most significant follower’s base like any type of various other well-known vocalists or rap artists has.

  • 50 cent overall profits from sales of his songs CD’s and also YouTube viewership completed $45 million
  • Performances are a greatest resource of incomes for any kind of vocalist and also 50 cents used this alternative effectively by gathering $74 million from trips and also performances
  • 50 Cents additionally did couple of acting duties in motion pictures of Hollywood which provided him earnings of $6.5 million
  • Recommendations are one more significant income for stars and also 50 cent accomplished agreements of recommendations that worth $52 million
  • 50 Cent marketed goods which completed $15 million
  • He has actually made $105 million in transaction
  • 50 Cent overall incomes gross and also expenditures were $295 million
  • Yet he shed practically $20 million usually in transaction yearly

 Timeline of 50 Cent net worth

50 Cent net worth

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50 Cent net worth is not accumulated in a solitary year a lengthy initiative of various years is associated with it. That’s why we are not adhere to simply a solitary year as well as accumulated information of his previous year’s incomes. The information of 50 Cent earnings is given below.

  • In 2009 complete properties of 50 Cent were $63 million
  • In 2010 overall profits after tax obligation and also cost of 50 Cent were $68 million
  • In 2011 total assets of 50 Cent were approximated as $56.5 million
  • In 2012 overall total assets of 50 Cent were $45 million
  • 50 Cent total assets in 2013 was $35 million
  • 50 Cent approximated complete possessions in 2014 were $30 million
  • 50 Cent earning in complete were $14.5 million in 2015
  • In 2016 50 Cent net worth was $17 million

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Comparison of 50 Cent net worth

As we have actually previously reviewed that he is just one of one of the most renowned rap artist on the planet and also his profits as compare to various other young ones are high. That’s why we have actually contrasted his total assets with various other popular vocalists and also rap artists to understand where he stands in the total assets table of Hollywood. The information of the contrast is listed below.

  • 50 Cents overall properties are 50% smaller sized as compared to Selena Gomez total assets
  • 50 cents net worth is approximately 4 times greater than  Abby Wambach net worth
  • Lil Wayne total assets double compared to total assets of 50 Cents
  • Dre total assets is 40 times larger compared to total assets of 50 Cents
  • Total assets of 50 Cents is nearly fifty percent of the possessions of the Kanye West net worth
  • Jay Z total assets is practically 32 times better as compared to 50 Cents
  • Taylor Swift total assets is 15 times larger as compared to total assets of 50 Cents
  • Nicki Minaj total assets is 2.8 times above overall properties of 50 Cents
  • Beyonce total networth is 25 times more than total assets of 50 Cents
  • 50 Cents net well worth is 18 times smaller sized compared to Rihanna total assets:


50 Cent net worth is $17 million. He has actually acquired gross net worth of over $200 million however likewise has actually dealt with loss of $20 million ever year after that in his company deals.